Welcome to Vinyl Collectors and Sellers


We are based in Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK. Established online since 1998 and in our physical store since 2016. We are Salisbury City’s only dedicated physical music store.

We sell a good selection of of new and secondhand records, CD’s and cassette tapes. 

Whilst Covid-19 is still being passed on in the community we have had to adapt the way we trade. 

With social distancing measures still in place we are only able to let 15 people browse the crates at any one time and we would prefer masks to be worn to protect our staff and customers.

Upon entering the shop we ask that you use the hand sanitiser before browsing and also follow the one system in the shop , staying 2.0m away from other customers.

You can check our online sales channels via the link below…….

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We also have a dedicated Elton John Store which has been around since October 1998, check out the link below……. 


Elton John Store